The Story

This site is a travel and sailing blog that records the travels of Jackie (35) and her three kids: Jack (3), Bayla (1), and Steve (38).In the spring of 2006 we decided to sell virtually all of it, reluctantly store some of it, and to leave Hawaii and everything we knew to wander about land and sea.

The trip started in June when we began a five-month road trip across the United States and follows onto our Catana 431, a 43-foot sailing catamaran lying in the Caribbean for what may become a circumnavigation of the Atlantic, the world, or both.

(In the orange-red bar on the top of each page is a a counter that tells, to the second, how long we have been on our adventure.)

While traveling around, we are recording our adventures, both above and underwater, in various formats including HD video, high-resolution digital photos and simple sentences for publication at a later date.
Some people think we are crazy, some are interested and others are not impressed. There are many ways to play the game. We aren’t playing to win: We play to play.