Day 506 — Best of slideshows

To recap the trips we’ve had so far, we’ve compiled slide shows to highlight each trip.

The first collection called American Roadtrip I was assembled not just with the prettiest pictures, but with the lofty goal of providing the viewer with a glimpse of what it’s like to travel from San Diego, up West Coast to Vancouver, B.C. then back down through the Southwest, west at Texas, through the Appalachians and Virginia to the tip of Long Island, up to Maine and back down the East Coast all the way to Miami where we flew to board our sail boat.

The slideshows are Flash-based and will scale to fit the size of your screen. The entire American Roadtrip I show takes 14 minutes with a decent connection.

Check the top of the main page for the “Best of” tab to check for “Tropical Atlantic” and “American Roadtrip II” soon.


American Roadtrip I

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