Day 403 — The road to: a) perdition; 2)happiness; 3)Shelter Island

1,2,3.. I admit it, we have no idea where we are going to go next. We’re back on land, the hurricane season having begun again in the tropics, trading dingy rides to beaches for SUV rides with realtors, and drinking rum with random adventurers to drinking rum with relatives.

After buying the new King Ranch twin turbo F350 at a wonderful Ford dealership in Pennsylvania, we drove down to Punta Gorda, Florida and rescued our trailer from a thieving scoundrel that operates as Camper Depot and should be avoided like the black plague. If you’re thinking of buying a Rage’n or any other brand of trailer, stay far away from these people. There was a sheriff and a lawyer involved and possibly a civil suit in the future. But he has to wake up with himself every morning and his pimped out Escalade indicative of too much MTV and stealing.
CLICK FOR SLIDESHOWMeanwhile, Corazon has been lying in Baltimore, Maryland for a month now, and we are in the final stages of selling it to a family from Canada. They have no idea how much fun they are in for.

While I’m still hot for the Bahamas, we are looking for a property/house in the New England area that could be built or restored for a decent return. We also have our eyes and ears open for any other business opportunity that would amuse us. While the money is good, we’ve certainly decided we want to make sure we enjoy the way we spend our days, rather than working up some corporate ladder made of straw.

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