Day 362 – Bahama tamara?

Like The Force, the lure of the Bahamas is strong. And it’s so primal. There’s something amazing that happens to the soul when it put knee-deep in absolutely clear water, bright sunshine and an seemingly infinite array blues in sky and water.

CLICK FOR SLIDESHOW Spelled out, it doesn’t sound like much, but in person, it makes fighting freeway traffic for an hour and a half every day even more absolutely pointless. Especially when the reward is a 17-inch (20-inch if you are middle management) monitor flickering supremely important digital information at 72 flicks a second (or 60-flicks in the same period if you haven’t figured out how to change it). Oh, wait, that’s the work, the reward is the X-amount of pay of which X-percentage is promised to everyone from Wells Fargo to Blockbuster Video every X- days.
I’m not judging the American Way, mind you. In fact, I am a great fan and supporter of it. I’m just stating it’s not for me.

I’m also not stupid enough to think most people would want to jump ship indefinitely (I’m actually thankful they won’t), just because they had a nice moment on the beach. I do think most people could stand a little jolt of the sublimity that surrounds you when standing knee-deep in this cerulean dream.

I figure it’s worth something like $500 a night, in fact.

So, there’s a decent chance we’ll be back in the Bahamas in the future. We’re getting more and more serious about starting a resort somewhere around the Exumas. We’ve even asked some like-minded friends if they’d want to join us. And talked to real estate agents. And learned a little about the laws, restrictions and incentives. It all looks pretty good.

It reminds me what I am most addicted to — boundless possibility: that larger-than-life feeling I get when dreaming of spendikng $100 million; or stretching over a chart, deciding where I want to go sailing next; or how to spend my days after shaking off the dust – no matter how comfortable – of the oh-so-durable yesterday.

That’s what dreaming about what-to-do-next is: a huge rush of excitement with a touch of anxiety for flavor. But I really like the Bahamas idea. I really do.

Next: We out race the tropical storm Barry arrive in the USA.

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  1. perpetrator said,

    June 6, 2007 @ 6:59 pm

    I hope all is well my new friends! It is good to here that yee faired well and still are fairing… Our new journey will be beginning soon and hope to venture following this weekend or the next. I hope Bela and Jack are jumping on your tramp and Jackie O is making some sauce. The water is clear here but not as clear there but I am sure your soul will always be free. Hey Junior boy , what’s a ‘middle management?’ alldabes,
    Cou. .P’er.

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