Day 207 — Shingle Bells, Shingle Bells…

Since we didn’t get Christmas cards out this year, we would like to wish everyone Happy Holidays. Come New Year’s Day we expect to be in Carriacou, the next populated island up from Grenada. We have been up there for a two-day stint, but returned to Grenada to drop a visitor back off for their flight to the U.S.

Santa made it to Corazon this year and answered Jack’s request for the much anticipated Buzz Lightyear toy. Bayla also received gift from Disney Santa in the form of the Little Mermaid and Poccahantis dolls. The children are happy little clams and play with their toys day and night. Funny thing, this year Santa brought me (Jackie) shingles. Sounds funny since we are out of the house building business, but in fact, it wasn’t that kind of shingle at all. I actually have an illness that affects about 500,000 people in the U.S. From


my limited understanding, it is the recurrence of the chickenpox virus, which essentially lies dormant in the body of some people and them comes back to haunt them later in life. Usually it is much later than this. It also usually effect the abdominal skin/nerve area, but for me it wraps around the left side of my upper body, including my ear, shoulder, neck and some arm/upper chest and head. The thing about it is it is very painful. So, I have spent the last several days riding this out, taking antiviral medication and hoping things will get better soon. They say stress can contribute to an onset, so I am trying to chill out and think positive thoughts. I am feeling better already and hope to stave off future bouts of this by not letting stress get the best of me. I went to a nice, private hospital here – a HUGE step up from the local hospital. Other than that, we have enjoyed checking out Grenada for the last few weeks, including a cool inland tour to check out a spice plantation and a great waterfall with pools. The island looks very much like Hawaii, in terms of vegetation, and the temperature with trade winds also reminds us of home. We are settling in on the boat, still trying to find the perfect spot for everything, but it is coming along. The kids are having fun with our frequent trips to the beach and we have actually made friends with another couple and their 3 year old girl. They also have a catamaran and are following essentially the same course up the islands and then ??? They also sold everything and moved from Hawaii – interesting coincidence. We are off to ready up the boat, meaning filling up tanks with water at the local marina, a stock-up trip to the grocery store and a visit to the local boat supply store, where Steve hopes to secure a BC, which will allow him to finally get into some diving in the next set of islands, where the water is supposed to be amazing. We are looking forward to Steve’s dad joining us in a few weeks and hope to see more of you making plans to visit us up the line. They make a mean rum punch here in Grenada…wish you were here ;-) Cheers!

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