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Day 207 — Shingle Bells, Shingle Bells…

Since we didn’t get Christmas cards out this year, we would like to wish everyone Happy Holidays. Come New Year’s Day we expect to be in Carriacou, the next populated island up from Grenada. We have been up there for a two-day stint, but returned to Grenada to drop a visitor back off for their flight to the U.S.

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Weeks 25-28 — Rollicking times on the High Seas

The feeling of force and speed was so pervasive and constant I got the feeling that we were on a runaway train, unable and unwilling to stop. Of course I knew something had to happen, but the tiredness brought on by the motion, the all-night trip and the rough bashing into and over the oncoming swells and wind lulled me into a complacency that tricked me into thinking it would be okay to slam right up onto shore, across the street and deep into a neighborhood before finally grinding to a stop, intact.

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